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Born in Arezzo, Italy, Corina Grove is a singer/songwriter who began her affinity for music at 12 years old. Growing up with 18 siblings- most of them musically inclined- Corina was constantly surrounded by guitars. That exposure helped nurture her eagerness to sing and write.

In addition to the guitar, she also plays piano and the bass, both of which are incorporated into her creative process. She admires the likes of  Jimmy Page, as well as, Johnny Marr and is also influenced by Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, and The Cure. Her music exudes a myriad of sounds which include indie pop rock plus a hint of blues that is reflected through her soulful sound and dynamic range of pitch.

“I have always loved music — always. From a young age I would grab my guitar and sit in the basement of our house and write for endless hours. Music is one of the greatest gifts that life has given me and I want to share that feeling though my lyrics”. –Corina Grove  

Corina grew up across borders. Her parents were traveling missionaries which aidedher musical curiosity. Growing up on the road instilled a great desire in her to explore not only her musical aspirations but also the rest of the world that she has yet to see.

When Corina is not performing at various Plano/Dallas venues, she is focused on recording her debut album. She has played the Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the Road Tour, the main stage at House of Blues Dallas and has had the opportunity to work with many locally established  musicians.

“I want to show with my music that WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO in life you can truly accomplish if you work hard and stay honest to yourself. Period. And if I change someone’s life with my lyrics and music that would be most rewarding”. –Corina Grove






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